Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Buckin' Ohio Rodeo

We are fortunate to have a cattle ranch in a neighboring town that hosts a few rodeos every summer and fall.  Last year we attended the last one of the season, and my husband and I knew immediately we wanted to attend more!

We were sure to put the first one of this season on the calendar, and we were there!

The evening is full of pony rides, barrel racing, comedy, bull riding, and the boys personal favorite, the boot scramble!
So the bullfighter lines up the kids.  Our kids are in the 5 and under group of kids he's lining up out there. 

When they first run into the arena, all the kids take off one of their boots and leave them on one side of the ring.  Then the kids line up on the other side of the ring.  

When the bullfighter sounds the alarm, they are off to find their boot, put it on, and run back to the other side of the arena.  The first one back, is the winner!

The little navy blue blur in the front of that pack is Caleb.  Don't get too excited, I said of this pack, not the lead!

And there is Caden putting on his boot!

The kids love it!

And I love having bleach at home to do the laundry, because you know that's not just dirt they are running around in!
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