Monday, July 11, 2011

July Camping Trip

We are slowly turning family camping into a regular occurence in our family of 4.  We love it.  Well, most of us love it.  I do really enjoy it; I'm just always so darn tired when we camp!

If you didn't read my post the other day about how we got to the campground, you should. 

Today's post picks up where I left off yesterday. 

Luckily after we left the failed campground, there were several others in the area.  We had stayed at one last year and been very pleased with it.  Just thinking about the chance of finding another poor campground, we decided it was better to be safe than sorry and headed back to a trusted location!

On our way there, we noticed our dog climbing around the car looking for a comfortable seat.  She finally found one, on top of our camping gear. 

While we were camping we drove to watch two fireworks displays. 

Most mornings we woke up to find caden curled up in the corner in a cocoon. 

We went fishing. Caden caught his first fish! It was also the only fish we caught that morning!

He was so proud!
He was also so upset when we threw it back in.  I had to explain we were catch and release fishing.  He wanted to eat it.

Before we could take the kids on their first camping trip, we had to drop the dog off at my parents house.  Luckily we camp close to home, and even closer to my parents house.  But we had to run home for her doggie crate.  Since we were going home anyway, I decided we'd just shower at our houes that evening.  As we walked into the house, hubby said: "don't worry, I've got the dog cage."  That should have been my first clue.  Wouldn't you know an hour late we show up to drop the dog off, and we have no doggie crate with us!  Luckily my parents said they'd make something work and on we went!
We took the boys on their first canoeing trip.  For the first mile or so of our 7 mile trip, they were very nervous and hesistant.  They had a death grip on the railings and/or side of the boat.  They yelled at us if we wiggled too much, or didn't paddle how they saw fit.  They calmed down though once we pulled the boat over for a bit and let them walk/play in the water.  They were so concerned with how deep it was, that once they saw they could touch most places, they were much more comfortable the rest of the trip.  They even lossened their hold on the boat and enjoyed the playful spashing!

We went swimming. 

We cooked delicious food by the campfire.  Well except that time Keith burnt our supper to a crisp.  It was quite black and felt like a rock.  He saved the day and took us out for burgers. 

We ate lots of ice cream from the deli down the road.

And we enjoyed our clean, safe, family-friendly campground!

The best part of this campground, you know besides the clean shower houses and park, is the view. 

I love this view.  The kids run and play in the field, and I just sit and look out.  This picture does not do it any justice at all.  It is amazing. 
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