Sunday, July 10, 2011

Frosty 5K

Back in February I ran my first 5K of 2011.  It was also the worst 5K time I've had to date.  I friend with a friend/co-worker at an area rec center. 

My training for this 5K was pathetic in comparison, especially when it came to outside training.  I hadn't ran outside since the fall when it came time for this 5K.  I had done all my running on a treadmill. 

I hung with my friend for the first mile around minutes, but then I couldn't keep up.  The cold air was no match for my lungs at the time.  I finished in 33:56. 

The part that I'm most ashamed of, I've hardly improved my pace or my training since then.  I've kept up a somewhat regular workout schedule, even if it may be week.  I managed to get 1-2 in every week.  One of those is kickboxing, and I'm trying to get at least one run in a week.

Let's hoping I can turn this around soon.  Especially since I'm supposed to run a leg of the Akron Marathon with a group of co-workers this September!
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