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2 Samuel

This morning I finished reading 2 Samuel.  These are my notes from the book.

  • An Amalekite comes to tell David of Saul & Jonathan's passing and says he killed Saul because his injuries were so great
  • David has the Amalekite killed for he confessed to killing Saul
  • David writes a song for Israel in mourning of Saul & Jonathan
  • David, his wives & men went to Hebron & Judah; there they came and appointed him King of Judah
  • Saul's son was king of Israel
  • Israel & Judah met & had a contest - field of knives
  • David & Saul's followers fought for a long time; David's strengthened, Saul's weakened
  • David had 6 sons at Hebron
  • Ish-Bsheth (Saul's son) spoke badly of Abner (Main leader of Saul supporters, against David)
  • Abner was ANGRY and decided to help David instead
  • David agreed as long as he brought Saul's daughter, David's wife
  • Abner was to reunite Israel
  • Joab & the army were unhappy
  • David left Abner go in peace
  • Joab killed ABner to repay Abner for killing his brother
  • David mourned for Abner & for his evil death by Joab
  • Abner's death frightened Saul's army
  • 2 captains in the army killed Ish-Bosheth in his sleep at home in bed
  • They brought his head to David who had the captains killed for killing an innocent man
  • David became King at 30 years old
  • David took Jerusalem as the City of David
  • His strength grew because the Lord was with him & the city built up
  • David took more wives there and had 11 more sons
  • Philistines came to see David & king & as the Lord guided, defeated them twice
  • David & his men went to bring the Ark of God to Jerusalem
  • When the oxen hauling it stumbled, Uzzah touched the Ark as though to steady it & God killed him there
  • Fear led David to put the Ark in someone else's house & they were blessed
  • After 3 months, David returned for the Ark & brought it to Jerusalem rejoicing & dancing all the way
  • Michal (Saul's daughter, wife of David) wasn't pleased with his dancing - she didn't understand it was praise to the Lord, she never had children
  • David wants to build a temple for the Ark so it is no longer in a tent
  • Nathan's vision - shoed God's promise for David's future generations; his son will build a house for the Ark & God with be with his family
  • David prays in thanksgiving of his goodness & for his blessings for his family
  • David defeated the Philistines & Moab & more - Lord gave him victory
  • David gave the Lord what he took from those lands
  • David looked for anyone left in Saul's family, Jonathan's son Mephibosheth was lame in both feet but found through a servant, Ziba, of Saul's
  • David gave the land of Saul back to his family for Ziba to tend
  • Mephibosheth ate at David's table
  • Ammonite King died & son came into power; David sent men for comfort
  • Ammonites saw it as a spy mission & shamed men before sending them away
  • Ammonites knew they'd angered David & hired Arameans to fight with them - David defeated all
In my own thoughts and thinking through this piece of the story, I thought about how fear led the Ammonites to be proactive in protection and set a bad tone for the interaction.  If they'd been open and receiving of David's act of comfort, a different relationship and result could have occurred.  As a parent and a person, I completely understand where the Ammonites were coming from and I think we have this response to things regularly.  We need to learn from this and be more open to people.  Maybe I should parent more this way?

A theme I noticed in 2 Samuel was that the Lord is good and will lead and do what is right.

  • When kings went to war, David stayed back
  • One night from his roof, he saw a woman bathing, Bathsheba, Uriah's wife
  • David sent for her; they had sex
  • Later, Bathsheba sent notice to David she was pregnant
  • David sent for her husband Uriah & sent him home to his wife
  • Uriah didn't go home as his men at war were in tents & fighting so he shouldn't be enjoying his home; he slept outside the palace with the other officers
  • David had Uriah to dinner & got him drunk, but he still didn't go home to his wife
  • David sent Uriah to the front lines to be killed
  • Bathsheba cried for her dead husband, then became David's wife
  • God didn't like what David did
  • Nathan went to David with story of a rich man with a visitor to feed; he didn't want to use his animals so he took the poor man's only lab to kill and feed the visitor
  • David was angered by the story; Nathan reminded him what he did to Uriah was wrong & punishment would follow
  • David & Bathsheba's son got very sick, David fasted & prayed, but after 7 days it died
  • David comforted Bathsehab and they had another son, Solomon
David, speaking of his dead baby boy: "Someday I will go to him, but he cannot come back to me." - 2 Samuel 12:23
  • Joab & David conquered Rabbah
  • David's som Amnon raped his half sister Tamar, Absalom was furious and 2 years later, killed Amnon over the rape, then Absalom ran away
  • Joab sends a woman to talk to King David about her 2 sons; one killed the other and she wanted to save the one that killed the other for her husband's family name; it was all to change David's perspective
  • David has Absalom brought back from away for murder, but doesn't allow him to see the King
  • After 2 years, Absalom seeks the King, but is ignored twice, so he burns Joab's field, then Absalom goes to the King
  • Absalom stole the hearts of the Israelites by waiting at the gates to greet them as they came to the King for 4 years
  • Then he asked to go to Hebron to worship, but took many men to challenge Israel
  • David led his people out of Jerusalem to save them
  • As David & his people traveled away, David was helped by some & scorned by others
  • Absalom took advice from trusted advisors (Ahithopheh & Hushai) to challenge David
  • He followed Hushai - who warned David through Jonathan & Ahimaaz that hid in a well to be safe from Absalom
  • Ahithophel killed himself when his advice wasn't accepted (but went to his hometown and left orders for his family & property)
  • David & Absalom go to war
  • Absalom's head get caught in a tree while riding his donkey; the donkey runs out & he is stuck
  • David's army finds him & a man told Joab
  • The man refused to kill the King's son so Joab & others do
  • David hears the news of Absaloma and mourns his son
  • Joab tells David that his mourning for his son is having a bad impact on his arm & people; they feel David cares more for their enemy than them
This feeling against David is still a rampant feeling in human emotions today.  Culture today sees caring for one as not caring for another, which is wrong.  An example currently seen is #blacklivesmatter and #bluelivesmatter.  I believe both have worthy campaigns and causes to change the culture of today's society.  I do NOT see it as all lives don't matter.  But that there are issues and racial norms in our society that need to be deconstructed!
  • David returns to Jerusalem
  • Judah & Israel have some tension
  • Sheba leads Israel away from David
  • David goes to Jerusalem, locks up his slave women in the house & doesn't sleep with them - they are fed, but live like widows until death
Slave women were for sex too.  This makes me heart sad.
  • David sent Amasa to gather folks, but he took too long
  • Joab leads them after Sheba & kills Amasa on the way
  • They begin to destroy the city when a wise woman stops them, reminds them of their history & importance agrees to throw Sheba's head over the wall to them - she rallies her people with wise words & does this
  • There was a food shortage & the Gibeonites were offered help from David as payment for Saul's hart against them
  • They wanted 7 sons of Saul to hang & David provided
  • Rizpah protected their hung bodies from birds & wildlife through harvest
  • Then Saul & Jonathan's bones were brought back & buried with the 7
  • War again with the Philistines; they protected David as he tired; then he stayed out of battle so they could always have their great leader
  • David's song of praise
  • Tales of men of great accomplishment in David's army
  • David sent men to count the people, it took 9 months and 20 days to count them
  • David was sinful in his request to count his army so he was give 3 choices for punishment
    • 3 years hunger
    • 3 months enemies
    • 3 days of disease
  • Disease came & an angel of God killed
  • David built and alter & make sacrifices for disease to leave
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