Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Elinore - School!

Elinore has grown this summer in many ways.  She's grown much taller this summer; she's lost the toddler look; she's learned and advanced in her vocabulary and we know she's a very smart cookie.  But none of that can tame her fears about preschool starting soon.

She just had the realization that in a few short weeks she's going to preschool and she is not ready.  In her words, "but mom, I can't go to school yet, I'm still small!"  As she continued down this path, she also said, "mom, I can't go to school, I don't know my letters yet!"  We've been talking a lot about what going to school will look like for her, and who she'll know in the school building. 

We're looking forward to getting her class list so maybe she'll know a classmate or two.  She does like that she knows her brothers will be in the same school with her and will ride the bus home with her.  And she knows some of their friends, so she likes that too. 

She'll attend bus safety training soon, so we'll see how that goes!  I'm anxious for her on the bus because she is small and it's a big bus!  But I'm glad she has a very short ride home and won't be on the bus for long. And Daddy or I will be there to meet her at the driveway!

I think she'll really enjoy school once she gets into it, but I remember being a preschooler attached to my mom's legs and crying in the morning, so I hope she does better than that.  I wasn't a day care kid, but she still cries a couple times a week at the sitters too.  I think one key for me will be making sure she's well rested!

We pray for peace for her through the transition.  And I think we'll start to pray for some bravery too!
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