Friday, November 14, 2014

38 Week Appointment

This morning Elinore and I went in for my 38 week dr. appointment.  We had to wait about an hour to see the doctor because they'd had a small emergency that morning that sat them behind.  I used to be so much more annoyed by that kind of thing, but I've learned patience, and it wasn't so bad.  I think I learned patience after I was the patient that caused a back-up one day.  It suddenly makes things more clear. 

Anyway, Elinore charmed the waiting room for half and hour or so of that time, and then she turned her charm to the nurse when I was moved back to another room.  She didn't let the doctor not get her a sticker either.  She was insistent and not very patient about it. 

Baby's heart rate varied between the 130s to 160s while we listened.  When we finished it was about 145 bpm.  I also had her double check that baby was still head down, which it was!I knew I didn't really need to worry about it, but a sleepless Wednesday night had me worried about it for sometime, so I just needed some reassurance there! 

She said next week they'll check my cervix again and see if anything is happening.  
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