Thursday, July 10, 2014

Summer Fun Acadmey

We had an excellent first grade teacher this year, who I was able to email throughout the year and even into the summer with questions and all kinds of things and she was responsive and so helpful.  It didn't hurt that both boys adored her, and she taught them reading and writing for the year. 

I missed the school paperwork somehow, shocking, but she helped me get the boys enrolled in the free Summer Fun Academy that runs for 5 weeks this summer, 3 days a week for 90 minutes at the elementary school.  They go spend time with two of the teachers from the school and other kids and work on keeping their brains sharp!  I'm so glad we have such an awesome program and can have our kids participate! 

Even though we can't get there every day they've gone 3 of the 6 times they met in June and I plan on having them go for both weeks in July they run the program.  We'll miss the week in August because we'll be on vacation, but every little bit helps!

They were also sent home some summer homework packets for fun to work on too.  While we've slacked a lot in June, I'm hoping to get better at it in July and beyond to help keep them on target for 2nd grade in the fall. 

As a part of the homework, they had to practice writing by writing a letter to someone.  Caden decided to write a letter to Caleb.  The theme of the letter is quit snoring; I love you so so so so much.  Love you, Caden.
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