Monday, July 28, 2014


The boys wrapped up Vacation Bible School at our church this year on Sunday.  All last week they spent their evenings at the church participating in VBS.  Every day Caleb would come home and complain, I like VBS, but I don't like singing! 

Caleb's never been one to really like music, and he doesn't like things too loud.

Caden on the other hand, loves music and sings often!  He'll sing along to his favorite songs in the car and in the house.  He'll sometimes since in the shower, but most often I hear him singing when it's bed time.  I usually have them get ready for bed and get in bed and they're in there for a little bit before I go tell them goodnight.  Some nights it's just because I want to listen to them, and often Caden is in bed singing away! 

Mid-way through the VBS week the Pastor gave Caleb a twizzler because he was singing and doing the motions to the songs, which is uncommon for him.  She rewarded him for it, and we know he's not a fan of it.  Caden, who loves music, refuses to particiapting in the singing and motions at VBS!  I think he's afraid of being embarassed.  While he may love music, he's never loved a crowd.  In fact, in his early preschool years we kept in the smaller classes to transition him up to larger groups of people, it's just not his thing.

I hope we can foster the courage in Caden to sing when he wants, regardless of who's around.  We sure know he enjoys it!
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