Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Church Camp

Last week Caden and Caleb spent the week at church camp for the first time.  They were certainly a little nervous when we dropped them off Sunday afternoon.  Mom and Dad wondered how they were doing all week!  We thought they were fine, but it's hard when you have no contact from them for 5 days! 

Friday evening Keith and I went to pick them up.  Elinore was sick, so she stayed behind with Grandma and boy were those boys disspaointed she wasn't there for the family picnic and closing ceremonies!

We arrived and walked to find them, and were welcomed with BIG hugs after they ran to meet us!  Keith and I were both excited to go see them and hear all about their week.  Their counselors had great things to say about them!  They weren't homesick; they were funny and had a good time!  They said a few times how silly they were. 

We ate supper with them at the lake and heard more about their week.  They loved everything about it.  They both wanted to come back next year, but Caden wanted to go back the next week!  They showed us their sand castle/waterfalls.  They told us about swimming and Big Foot. 

It was Big Foot Expedition at camp that week and there were sightings and fun with Big Foot and Mrs. Yeti!

Knowing it was Big Foot week, I just brushed it off.  I'm not a fan or believer in Big Foot and was kind of surprsied by it, but didn't give it much though.  I just dismiss those kinds of things.  But after supper, we headed up to the hill for presentations be each camper group and a small worship service.  The camp director really connected it for me. 

Big Foot is something that is scary and different, but the camp connected it all togheter into a theme of loving your neighbor.  All week campers got comfortable with something scary, unknown and very different from them until they were at a point of acceptabce.  As Christ's followers we're to be accepting of everyone regardless of their lifestyle and different habits.  I was surprised and Big Foot was so useful and was surisped myself the connection I felt to the lesson Big Foot taought the campers. 

We're so glad to Caden and Caleb back hom with us though.  I pray they leanred a lot about themselves and their Creator and grew closer to Christ. 
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