Friday, June 14, 2013


Last weekend, the kids and I went for a walk around the neighborhood and the schools.  On the way back, I head a kitten meowing.  So I stopped to hear where it was coming from.  Traffic was slow, so I heard it coming from the very tall weeds in the ditch across the street.  (The street is actually a busy two lane state highway, so I knew it didn't have much of a chance.)

I got the kids together safely on the sidewalk, cross the street and looked around int he weeds for the source of the meowing.  I found it, tiny and hidden in a tiny space in the weeds.

Keith was on his way home, so I made him stop and help me get it. 

He rescued it and we brought it home to the front porch.  We gave it some cat food, water and a towel. 

We hear it meowing around the house occasionally too. 

One morning we left and I heard it meowing around the cars, so I checked under them before we drove away.  We started down the road and the meowing continued with us.  I realized it was in the car with us!  I quickly stopped at the stop sign and turned the car off. 

I called Keith and hesistated to go open the hood because I had no idea what I would find, but there it was, just sitting on top under the hood. 

Now the kitten sticks around our back porch where we feed and water it.  After the garage sale, it's become very friendly and approachable.  It tolerates the kids well and plays with them.  We've even seen her playing with our cat Otis and even Elinore through our sliding glass door off the back porch.  Caden's taken her on the swings with him and on the slide with him and the cat just goes along for the ride.

Earlier this week, I drove to work and headed into the office.  However, that day I was leaving the office for some meetings and walked out to my car about 45 minutes later to find the kitten peeking out from under the fender!

It scared me at first!  My co-worker was with me and she was shocked too.  It must have ridden to work with me under the hood without me finding it this time.  I called Keith to tell him right away and then spent probably 10 minutes trying to catch it in the parking lot while it ran under and around car after car, in a skirt no less!  I finally left with a plan that Keith would be there in 2 hours to pick it up.

So Keith and the boys came back later and had a hard time catching her too from what I hear.  He said people were noticing him behaving oddly out there and shortly after security came to see what was going on!  Luckily by then, he'd just caught the kitten and all was well.

It's a very good kitten that needs a home.  We're still trying to find it one!

Although, I think it's home is going to be our home.  We haven't settled on a name yet, but there are talks of it.  It's in our garage now, with food, water and a little box.  It even had a vet appointment...

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