Thursday, June 13, 2013

Elinore - 10 & 11 Month Review

Dear Ellie,

I breifly started your 10 month letter, but never got it finished.  I suppose it's an indication of how busy we've been lately.  This spring we've gotten crazy busy with activities.  You've been such a trooper through it all.  You go along for the ride and behave well!  You love people watching, and get the opportunity to do it often as you come along to your brothers swim lessons, baseball practices and games, 4H meetings, and more.

Anyway, since I failed at month 10, we're going to combine them and hopefully get month 11 out on time! 

I started class again for my MBA in May, so I'm gone one night a week you spend with your Daddy and brothers.  You have such an awesome Daddy and two brothers who love you very much.  I think you all have more fun most nights then you all let on.

I can see your love for your brothers on your face everymorning.  I usually wake you up during the week and you size me up and wait for me to grab a clean diaper for you before I pick you up out of the crib.  Once I do you look around and immedaite start looking for your brothers.  By the time we walk into the living room, you have your arm up ready to wave when you see them!

Your brothers, they are pretty smitten with you too!  They make sure to tell you good night and good bye and watch out for you. 

You make fishy faces now, which are adorable.

Just in the last few weeks you've started crawling on your hands and knees.  Although this past weekend you weren't crazy about the dress you were wearing because your knees kept getting caught in the skirt!  It's awesome watching you crawl around. 

Sometimes when you're crawling, you'll get your butt up in the air so you are on your hands and feet before you sit down or crawl around.  You'll be standing soon I think!

You are still saying dog-dog, da-da and ma-ma (although it is kind of rare).  You imitate the sounds of no and hi too. 

You are a very good eater.  You love your puff snacks and get impatient when we can't spoon your homemade baby food in fast enough.  We introduced meat to you in the last month, and you love the lamb!  There really aren't any foods you turn down completely so far.  When we introduce something new it takes you a few attempts before you are interested in it, but you'll always eat it in the end!

You are still in mostly 9 month clothing and still going strong in our cloth diapers!

You clap and give high fives. 

You are always busy doing something.  It is very rare that you sit down and sit still.  You are constantly on the move or working on something with your toys.  And when you are confined you are wide eyed and looing around to be sure you don't miss anything!  (I can relate; I'm always busy working on something and rarely sit down to rest.)

You've pulled yourself up to a stand a few times, and are getting braver in trying.  I saw you crawl out to the dinning room table last week and start to pull up on the chair and table leg.  Usually you get to your knees and stop.  More and more though when I go to sit you down you'll put your legs out straight to stand with a big grin on your face!

Elinore, you are such a blessing in our family and we are grateful for you every moment.  Yes, even when you're screaming.  We love you always.  Know that forever dear baby.



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