Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Where I'm From

I first saw this blog post written over at In the Trenches of Mommyhood, then at Madaline: The Magnificent Mayhem Maker, and fianlly over at Kirstin's Four Kids, and loved everyone of them.  I knew I had to write one of my own from over here!

I am from a gravel road, from Hamburger Helper and too much fast food.
I am from the a big, comfy ranch home with the smell of freshly spread manure in the air.

I am from a house with marigolds planted every year, the geranium every year from grandpa.  

I am from Christmas Eves spent at grandma's and knacks for story-telling and smart-ass responses, from Edson and Lowell.
I am from the conservaties choices and animal lovers.

From don't yell through the house and Bethany Janes!

I am from Sunday mornings in church and Sunday School and invovlement in the committes and youth groups.

I'm from a hospital birth and German descent, barbequed beef sandwhiches and hamburger and noodles casserole.

From the a dad working late on farms, the weekends and holidays spent in the service truck as a family working with dad, and the mom who worked at home and care for us kids.

I am from a shelf of memories in bookcase in the play room. 
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