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As I read through Deuteronomy; I took my usual academic style notes of what happened, but I wrote more too on the opposite page of my notebook.  These are those notes:
  • The young don't know right from wrong.  - I'm was refreshed to read that God sees it this way as we do as  humans too.
  • Why aren't other nation's God's people?  - Promise to Abraham.  I came back to this a lot during this book.
  • Thank you for Jesus!
  • He will be testing us?  Even with people close to us. - Be strong in the Lord.
  • Remember you were slaves in Egypt.
  • People will hear of death to remove evil/sin & will be afraid. - Fear the Lord.  Old testament view of fear I think.  Also commands respect.
  • Old Testament - Punish, fear God
  • New Testament - Love, follow Jesus
  • 1 John 4:18 - "Such love has no fear, because perfect love expels all fear.  If we are afraid, it is for fear of punishment and this shows that we have not fully experience his perfect love."
  • How do you prove virginity?
  • With the glasses of Jesus on and looking at our world today; do we still have foreigners?  Or is everyone our neighbor in Christ?  Immigrants are our foreigners; how many generations before they aren't foreigners?  Immigrants are foreigners and should be welcomed and treated well.
  • Obey what was written in Leviticus.
  • Reading the old testament makes me remember I'm grateful for Jesus!
  • Our minds are human & can't really understand.
  • He promises to bring them back to the promised land after they scatter.  This screams HOPE to me!
  • Can you imagine not having the written Bible & only listening to the text every 7 years?
  • Be strong & brave.
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