Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Surprised by Motherhood

This book had been on my radar for awhile.  I read good things about it, but never clicked the buy now from my amazon wish list.  Then one day while shopping on dayspring.com I found it on sale for $5.  It made it into a shopping cart!  I had a few books in front of it, so it sat for awhile before I picked it up. 

I started reading it not too long ago; it was an easy read and the first few chapters I noticed Lisa-Jo Baker talks a lot about her home in South Africa, you got the idea she misses.  I kept reading, but I also though as I read that I wasn't really getting much from it personally for me, but that I was reading her story. 

I've been reading a lot lately and trying to choose things that make me think deeper and challenge the ways I think or live.  I didn't feel like I was doing that the first few chapers here, but I still think there is value in reading other people's stories.  People need to share their stories and their lives, and I was happy to read hers and others storires.  It's a collection of people that you a connected to once you've shared stories. 

However, as I continued reading, I realized this book was impacting me and challenging me and identifiying with me, and I didn't even realize it!  It was making me think about my life without me even realizing how profoud some of her stories were.  The book felt like a warm hug in the world of motherhood. 

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