Tuesday, September 08, 2015


I haven't written much lately about what my lovely kiddos are up to.  My desire is there, but my energy and time haven't been.  It's hard to sit down and just write, but there are times I really want to.  When I was school shopping for the boys a month or so ago, I picked myself up a pretty new composition notebook. 

I've been keeping it in my purse with a pen handing and writing when things move me or I have something I want to remember.  And when I say something I want to remember, I don't mean my grocery list.  I mean real life changing, God spoken messages I need to remember and reflect on. 

I don't write in it regularly, but when I find something I like or want to reflect on, I jot it down, sometimes it's a sentance, sometimes a paragraph and even a page or two!  It's been useful for me, and something I hope draws me closer to God. 
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