Wednesday, October 01, 2014


One lazy Sunday afternoon the middle of last month, I sat down on the couch with Keith to relax and we were going to watch a show or movie.  But as I sat there watching Keith flip through trying to decide, I thought this is silly, why aren't we playing with the boys.  They were playing Minecraft at the time and Elinore was napping.  I decided it was a great opportunity to teach them to play Monopoly. 

We managed to teach them and get it wrapped up before Elinore woke up from her nap.  And they both were really into it for quite awhile. 

Caden started to loose interest once all the properties were bought.  He was very focused on how many properties he owned compared to everyone else.  For the record, he had the most.  But once all they properties were purchased, he lost most of his interest and started complaining about it taking too long!

Caleb on the other hand, had a VERY slow start.  He owned the least property and just kept getting bad turns.  But he kept at it and had a really good time.  He ended up bankrupting everyone else with his Boardwalk.  I suppose if you only start with a few properties that's not a bad one to have!  As I was helping him finish up the game, because I was the last one left for him to defeat, he said I was the "best mommy ever!"  Those aren't words I hear often, if ever! 

Apparently all it takes it be the best mommy every is let you kid beat you at Monopoly! 

Maybe I'll keep that in my backpocket next time I'm the meanest mommy ever!
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