Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Elinore Steps

I've been meaning to write for awhile, a long while, and just haven't had time to sit down and do it.  Right now I'm procrastinating doing my homework for my MBA, so of course I can do it now!

Right around Elinore's first birthday, she started being interested in standing while holding someones hands and walking cautiously around with hands.

In the last month, Elinore has started walking while only holding one hand and she's doing really well at that!

Just the other night, Elinore took a few steps from her toy bin to the couch for Keith, and I ran in to catch the end of it.

Tonight, Elinore stood up while we were playing on the floor and took a step or two toward me to hug me a snuggle for a brief bit.  My girl is growing and learning!

A few other things she's started doing recently and is really into:
  • She's shaking her head no.
  • She's crawling super super fast.
  • Being noisy!  She's gotten even more vocal recently.
  • She's hugging, and sometimes kissing.  Kissing usually must be prompted, after Keith and I kiss each other a few times quickly, then she's all for it!
  • She's blowing kisses.
  • She'll sshhh you with her finger if you do it first.  (She learned this within 2 hours of our 15 hour train ride to Boston!)
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