Monday, October 21, 2013

He is with us every step of the way.

Almost every Sunday in church there is a children's moment session, our Pastor usually has an empty bag she sends home with a kid to put something in for the following weeks message.  Each week the message started with the Pastor discovering what's the in the bag that week and connecting it to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit or living the Christian life. 

This Sunday, there was no bag, so one of the members of the choir shared something from her bag for the Pastor to use.  It was ones of her shoes.

Before the Pastor shares what she thinks, she asks the kids for ideas, and sometimes even the congregation, but today the kids had it.

Caleb raised his hands with a way that the shoe reminded him of living the Christian life.  He said, He is with us every step we take.  Once he finally said it loud enough everyone in the church awww'd over it and he received a round of applause.  Jesus received the round of applause.

We are teaching these kids something wonderful.  And they are learning.  Jesus is the answer to everything and our promise.  

Of course Caleb got all the attention so Caden had to pop in with a Jesus is in my shoe!

Which the Pastor kind of pushed down and moved on with Jesus is everywhere and with us always.

Then another little girl around the boys age popped up and asked why if Jesus was everywhere, why he wasn't in our shoes.  :)
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