Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Daddy's Singing

My husband and I danced to Edwin McCain's I'll Be on our wedding day, and it has been ever since one of our songs.  The other(s) maybe more embarassing than I'm ready to share!

I have my phone set to a clip of this song for my ringtone when hubby calls me.  The boys have picked up on the ringtone and are always announcing "Daddy's calling!"

Today, while we're snowed in, the song came on the radio. 

The boys ran to me in the kitchen saying "Daddy's singing!  Where's Daddy, he's on the radio!"

This makes my hectic work at home, mommying, puppy mommying, laundry doing, snow day not so bad.  It may have even helped put a different perspective on it. 


Today is also my 200th post!  I started blogging February 27, 2010, almost a year ago.  I started blogging to deal with our failed pregnancy.  I needed an outlet, and I needed to find people like me.  I also had a story to tell, which I have told in time, and that didn't come with ease.  But I put myself out there, and I've found people to relate to.  Blogging has lead me to other blogs and twitter, and an amazing community that help keep me sane thanks to you followers!
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