Monday, January 24, 2011

Flip Flops

Monday nights during the winter, my husband takes the boys to swim lessons. 

Here in Ohio, we haven't seen the grass of our yards for weeks, months even. 

This makes the conversation that happened in our mini-van on the way from day care today all the more interesting.

Caden: Can we wear our flip flops to swim tonight?

Mommy: No.

Caden: But Daddy's said we could.

Caleb: No, Daddy said in the summer!

Caden: *whines*

Mommy: Can't you see the snow on the ground??  If you wear your flip flops, your toes will get frostbite, you could get gangrene, and your toes could fall of.  Do you still want to wear your flip flops?

Caleb: Yeah your toes will fall off!

Caden: Oh. 

**I don't normally use scare tactics with my children, but on this yucky, cold, sickly Monday, it worked.
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