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I finished the book of Joshua this week.  I took the following notes through the book:

  • The land will be the Israelite's
  • Joshua is to follow God's instruction and will be successful
  • Joshua gives first order to the people - prepare to move and the men to fight
  • Spies are sent to Jericho and hid within Rahab's (a prostitute) home, in exchange they promised to spare her and her family from destruction
  • Jericho was terribly afraid of the Israelite's and their God as they'd heard of the Red Sea and more
  • Joshua led them across the Jordan river as God directed, the Ark of the Agreement first; the river flow stopped for them to cross
  • 12 rocks were selected from the river to remind people it stopped flowing when the Ark with the Lord entered it
  • Joshua put 122 rocks in the river where the Ark was
  • 12 = 1 for each of the 12 tribes of Israel
  • They hurried across the Jordan; men prepared for war first and passed before the Lord
  • When priests and the Ark left the Jordan river, it flowed again
  • Israelites born while in the desert weren't circumcised, so Joshua did it now
  • Then they ate the food from the land in Canaan for Passover, no more manna!
  • The Lord sent an army commander for the Israelites
  • Jericho feared Israelites, so the locked the gates, no one came or left
  • They followed God's instruction to march around the city 1 time daily for 6 days with the Ark, priests with blowing trumpets and armed men
  • On day 7, they marched 7 times then shouted
  • Rehab and family were saved as promised
  • At the shouting, the walls fell, men ran in killing; they spared no one and nothing except Rahab and family
  • The spies went for Rahab and kept her family outside camp in a safe place
  • Then they burned Jericho and everything in it except silver, gold, bronze and iron; those they saved for the Lord
  • If anyone tried to rebuild Jericho, they are cursed by the Lord
  • Achan kept items to be given to the Lord
  • The Israelies were defeated at Ai
  • Must destroy the sin to keep the agreement again for the Israelites
  • Sinner will be burned by fire
  • Lord pulled out tribe and family until Achan was presented, himself and his sin
  • Achan, his family and all he owned was destroyed
  • Joshua led them to Ai to take the city by ambush
  • They could keep the wealth of Ai for themselves
  • Everyone in Ai died that day
  • They built an alter as directed int he teachings
  • Joshua wrote the teachings down then read for all to hear
  • Joshua agreed to a group of people (Gideons) that came to them in fear that they could be their servants without consulting God, they were the tricking them
  • Their enemies became their slaves and were not killed because of his word, enemies lied to live
  • Other cities heard of the Israelite's victoires, a group of 5 banded together with their kings and armies to fight Gideons since they had made peace with Israelites
  • Israelites conquered all and the sun stopped so they could defeat them in light
  • Joshua led them through the area defeating and conquering cities
  • Joshua carried out God's commands to Moses
  • Other kings tried to come together to defeat Israelites but they were unsuccessful
  • All the land of the kinds (31) they conquered because the Israelite's land
  • The land was divided among the tries of Israel
  • Caleb received the land he went to spy on for his trust in God
  • Town were divided among tribes, some people didn't leave so they lived among the Israelites (Jebusites)
  • Tribes left still without land sent men to write and describe their land to be, Joshua threw lots for the lands
  • The rest of the land is given
  • Dan's land took a town and changed its name to Dan for their family group
  • Joshua received a town
  • Cities of safety were declared
  • Town and pastures given tot he Levites
  • Lord provided peace on all sides of the land
  • Some tribes built a new alter, angered the others for going against God; bu they went to them and it was built not for sacrifices but as a reminder they are part of the Lord's people since they are across the river they feared they would be 'disowned'
  • Joshua reminds them God keeps his promises and will go ahead of them and fight for them
  • Don't befriend those of other gods
  • Joshua reminded them of everything they've been through and how the Lord has provided, he reminded them to stay faithful
  • Joshua dies
  • Israelites served God during Joshua's time and after with those leaders who had seen what God had done for them
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