Tuesday, July 14, 2015

How do you do it?

I get asked a lot how I manage to get everything done as a mom of 4 and working full time. I've never had a great answer.  My best answer has been I just do it.  There's no secret, I'm just living my life.

Over the 4th of July weekend I was asked MANY times.  After that weekend I really started thinking about a good answer to that question as I'm sure it'll continue.  And I realized, it's not about me.

I don't do it alone, and I haven't been giving credit where I should. 

I don't do this alone, I have God by my side.  He is what makes all this possible.

I'm disappointed in myself for not recognizing this sooner and voicing it.  I missed opportunities to share my faith.   I knew I needed to write and share about this and now, the next time I ask, I hope I have the courage to speak up and say I'm not doing it along; that we have God on our side. 
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