Wednesday, June 24, 2015


I read the story of Naomi this morning.

I know of the story; it wasn't my first time reading it, but I thought of something different this time through.

Naomi lost a lot in her life here on Earth, and she became Mara.  The story continues that she welcomed a child and was Naomi because of Ruth.  The story continues that she was in the lineage of Jesus and how amazing that is.

But did Naomi live long enough to know she was in the lineage of Jesus?  We often talk about these people and how they were in the lineage of Jesus and talk about their character from it, but really they had no idea when they were living their offspring would continue to Jesus. 

So I relate it back to me; how long will I have an impact on people after I leave this Earth?  My redemption through Jesus is enough for me.  I don't need to know the future impact I could have, just the impact that Jesus has on my life.  Naomi was changed with her grandchild, no because she knew she was in Jesus' lineage. 
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