Friday, June 20, 2014

Pee Pee in the Potty!

Tuesday nights this summer, I have class.  My last semester of graduate school classes!  Anyway, this Tuesday, we were just getting ready to start class when I received a text from Keith that  said:

"Elinor went pee pee in her potty!!!"

And I was so excited for her!  And so sad I wasn't home.

Elinore's been talking about the potty for a month or more now.  She knows what it's for and for a long time she'd sit on it, but only with her diaper on.  We haven't pushed her or anything, but just let it sit in the bathroom for her to see.  We talk about it with her too, but haven't pushed her to do anything.  She still isn't quite two yet!  But as she asks, we oblige! 

Apparently Keith went to chage her diaper and she asked to go potty.  She walked him over there and made him take her diaper off and she peed in the potty! 

When I got home that night Keith told me about it, and told me that not only did it happen once, before bed, she did it again, and the diaper was dry. 

The next morning for me she went in the potty a tiny amount, but we celebrated anyway!

Another night this week, she wanted to go potty, so we got naked and went to the bathroom, where she peed on the bath rug.  Apparently, I didn't know that when she sits on the potty to pee, you have to sit on the potty too.  Now I know!

I know it's early, and we're not pushing her, but it is exciting to her her learning it all on her own and taking interest in it. 
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