Friday, March 28, 2014

Toilet Brush or Plunger?

Yesterday at work just after 3 in the afternoon, Keith called me.  That itself isn't unusual since he gets off work about that time, but what he proceeded to tell me had me laughing, snorting, and crying I was laughing so hard.

Yesterday morning when I was in the kitchen for breakfast with the kids before school and work, I noticed what looked like our toilet bowl brush sticking out of the kitchen trash can wrapped up inside the shopping bag from the bathroom tash bag.  I thought it was weird, but didn't pay much attention to it and went about my day.

Then Keith called that afternoon. 

He proceeded to tell me that a few weeks ago he'd noticed there was some formerly wet toilet paper sitting on top of the toilet bowl brush, but he hadn't paid much attention to it.  The toilet bowl brush sits in the bathroom in the back half of our house that isn't used regularly by anyone but him.  This morning he decided to investigate further.

He described the toilet brush to be over the phone by saying that it looked like someone had used the toilet bowl brush as a plunger before putting it back in its holder.  (At this point, I immediately started laughing.)  He said not only was there the toilet paper on the brush, but there was poop caked all through the brush.  There was also what appeared to be the poop water on the floor under and around the brush. 

So Keith called me at 3 in the afternoon at work to tell me we needed to buy a new toilet bowl brush.  Which is totally something I would leave work for right away for to run out and buy...not. 

Caden has recently started to plunge the toilet himself in our other bathroom.  It cloggs frequently, and he's self-taught on the plunger over there.  I'm assuming he's the culprit in the other bathroom too, and we may need to have a discussion about the difference in a toilet brush and a plunger...
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